E-commerce:5 Good Practices You Can Use to Limit Cart Abandonment

Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay  Visitors to your e-commerce site add products to their basket but do not finalize their orders? This is called cart abandonment. Depending on the sector, this figure can be more or less strong, it can even range from 67.4% for fashion retailers, to 84.4% for utilities. In this article, I will offer you 5 best practices you can use to reduce cart abandonment. What is the cart abandonment rate? The cart abandonment rate corresponds to the result of the following formula: Abandonment rate = (the number of transactions made divided by the number of baskets created) x 100 For your e-commerce site, the cart abandonment rate is an essential key performance indicator and metrics to follow on a daily basis. The ideal thing is to integrate it into your dashboard to follow its evolution. Best practices to combat cart abandonment Now let’s move on to the 5 best practices to set up on your e-commerce site. 1. Give confidence to your visitors In a physical store, the display case and the interior give your visitors an idea of ​​how you act (tidiness or untidiness of your store, cleanliness or dirt, etc.). They can also put…

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