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Progressive Delivery: The New Way, The Best Way

Every small business, entrepreneur, startup, or even big organization is wary of taking risks especially when you have to plunge headway into it. Progressive delivery has, however, come to the rescue as the new way, the best way. Though progressive delivery was designed for software delivery by leveraging the validation stage to provide feedback through beta testing or early access programs, the lessons learned can also be applied to wholesome marketing. Progressive delivery could be viewed as another form of experiential marketing albeit with reforms. While experiential marketing campaign is targeted at the potential customer for the purpose of leads conversion, progressive delivery is targeted at quality assurance for the purpose of reducing loss thereby, increasing ROI just the same way experiential marketing does. Since the cycle will start at the validation stage, you may be limited to just minor changes but you will be maximizing customers’ values at the end.  The satisfaction you derive from applying the progressive delivery model comes by the way of getting your desired feedback and incorporating that into making minor course corrections on your journey towards the big picture. By incorporating the customers into your business you stand out to gain comprehensive customers’ views…

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