Web And JavaScript Development Trends in 2020

The period of the rapid development of the web is behind. Today, we are witnessing the stabilization of frameworks, approaches, and the JavaScript language itself. And this means that investment in education is becoming more meaningful and long-term. Among the Web frameworks, three leaders have emerged, which are React, Angular, and Vue. The popularity of React is fueled by the addition of hooks to the framework – something in between the simplicity of components and the complexity of Redux.  Hooks are a promising technology that simplifies code. However, the personal sympathies of most people are on the side of Angular.  They think that this is the most holistic and mature framework that allows you to solve even very complex tasks. At the same time, the number of vacancies on Angular is only slightly less than on React. As for Vue.JS, its prospects are still in question. There is a lot of hype around it, it is simpler than React and Angular, but serious companies prefer the solutions behind Facebook (React) or Google (Angular) to the development of Chinese specialists – there are not so many vacancies in the market yet. If we talk about the JavaScript language itself, then its…

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