Why You Need a Tiered Approach For Successful DR

Being the era of big data and with the large volumes of data organizations seek for, you can no longer depend on tried-and-true methods. You definitely need to implement a tiered approach just like is seen in cybersecurity for successful data recovery (DR) in order to cut lull and downtime, with the mindset of protecting your high-priority data. Any attempt at Data protection and DR that is not scientific can never be a realistic approach. Therefore, to succeed in the face of the increasing frequency of attacks, use of automation, and better social engineering to elevate the likelihood of a successful attack you must up your protection and recovery plans.  A tiered approach to data protection and DR will not be a new thing since it’s been practiced with cybersecurity. All your data are important but nothing stops you from giving priority to the very vital ones. Making a case for the prioritization of data, Ed Featherston, vice president and principal cloud architect at Cloud Technology Partners says “I do think DR plans can benefit from the tiered approach, and some organizations are taking that step. Conceptually, application data in most organizations have already been tiered by definition through recovery…

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