How Proxies Can Up Your Competitive Advantage

As the world has become a global village and we now operate a borderless market, both your online and offline businesses are in for the stiff competition and the only way to up your competitive advantage is to seek out innovative ways to stay relevant. With proxies as a third-party server, however, you can effectively ward off a lot of the challenges that can run down your business. A proxy server also referred to as proxy or application-level gateway is a computer that works by intercepting connections between sender and receiver. With a proxy in place, all your organization’s data will be fed in through one port and are forwarded to the rest of the network via another port. With the advancement in technology affording businesses the necessary tech-savviness to upgrade their performances, products, services, and quality, you must not be caught on the sidelines. So, what roles can proxies play in upping your competitive advantage?  1. Insurance against attacks One thing that will readily bring your business crumpling is a cyberattack. The effects can be so devastating that you must go all the way to ensure that you are protected. To show how dreadful cyberattacks can be, a Gallup…

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