Top 6 Payment Gateways That You Can Use For Your New e-commerce Website

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay  What Is A Payment Gateway? A payment gateway is a merchant service, an e-commerce application service provider provides it to the user. The provider authorizes the credit cards (that can be easily generated on Credit Card Generator) or direct payments processing for e-business, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar.  A bank usually provides the payment gateway to its customers. But, given that it is a separate service, it is also possible to be provided by a specialized financial service provider.  The applications mentioned below are the top six payment gateways one can use for e-commerce websites. 1. PayUmoney The PayUmoney is an award-winning payment gateway. The award was for its innovative and modern technology, which solved a lot of problems that were faced by the other portals. It is a branch of the company PayU India.  It is a payment solution for people and unregistered enterprises in India. It is a payment gateway for websites and purposes.  A lot of companies both registered and unregistered opt for this mode of payment. One of the most important reasons why PayUmoney is successful is that it does not require the user to give…

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Can Blockchain Solve the Problem of Data Breaches?

We live in a dynamic and ever-changing world, with data breaches increasing and regulators looking to tackle the issue with strict restrictions on data management. One such regulation that has had a widespread impact is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brought in by the EU. It is having an effect all over the globe, not just in the EU countries. Essentially, if you’re processing data that has even a single EU citizen involved, then you must conform to the regulation. These tight and strict regulations have been brought in to combat the ever-growing number of data breaches which have an impact on individuals and companies. In a digital age, where previously there was little to no regulation, privacy was an afterthought. Now, privacy is beginning to reshape the internet. So, it might just be that blockchain technology, the innovation powering the world of cryptocurrencies, holds the key to preventing data breaches. Major Data Breaches and Blockchain: Use Cases The case of 500 million compromised records You might be surprised to learn that around 5 billion records were compromised in 2018. According to the study conducted by RBS, the most vulnerable sector is the business sector – it accounts for…

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