How Machine Learning Can Help UBA Tools to Thwart Security Attacks

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay  Inasmuch as cyberattacks have consistently been on the increase, it behooves every partaker in the information security industry to constantly be on the knowhow of relevant tools and techniques that can be deployed to tackle the menace and that makes a case for machine learning-based UBA. Your principal duty as an information security professional, is to understand what’s going on in your environment and this will lead to sinking huge amounts of resources and tools that may include log management, security information and event management (SIEM), and even security operational intelligence.  While all these measures may not have been adequate in making you actually comprehend what’s happening, security user behavioral analytics (UBA) has come to play the role. User behavior analytics is basically employing monitoring systems to track, collect, and assess user data and activities. You can deploy these technologies for the analysis of historical data logs which can include network and authentication logs collected and stored in log management and SIEM systems. This will enable you to identify patterns of traffic caused by user behaviors, that could be normal or malicious.  The essence of UBA systems is fundamentally intended to provide cybersecurity teams with actionable insights. Understandably,…

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