How Coronavirus Can Lead to a Boom in Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Image by Jhonatan_Perez from Pixabay APTs (advanced persistent threats) is another brewing pandemic that the world must take into account as we battle the coronavirus pandemic. Quite unlike the black-hat hacker who attempts to gain unauthorized entry into your system or network in an exploitation bid for malicious reasons, APTs perpetrators are inherently more dangerous.   None of these guys has any permission or authority to compromise your network, but they still find ways to do so. Their sole aim is to inflict damage by compromising your security systems, altering functions of websites, networks, and even to the extent of shutting down systems.  They place so much emphasis and effort in gaining access to your passwords, financial information, and other personal data. The coronavirus pandemic, unfortunately, has given them a great opportunity to practicalize their nefarious activities. However, while ordinary black hat hackers will go for the immediate gains and possibly let you off the hook to enjoy their spoil, the perpetrators of APTs are another ball game altogether. They are as the name portends, very persistent, canny, dangerous, and outrightly deadly. The coronavirus pandemic has completely thrown the world off balance and nobody is sure of anything, it’s novel and everything about it…

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