3 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cockroaches

This may be had to digest, but the fact remains that cockroaches are among the dangerous animals we have notwithstanding the fact that there is an outcry to look into cockroach milk as the next superfood. They belong to the group of the most dynamic and resistant species of living organisms.  Roaches somehow, are spread over 4,000 species and are known to have been existing before the Jurassic era, about 280 million years ago. Such an ancient organism! They can cover a speed of three miles per hour. You can then imagine the rate at which they could be spreading their buddy germs to humans. Although there are a lot of cockroach foggers, powders, and gel baits available, in this article we’ll discuss how you can use simple home remedies to reduce cockroach infestation. This will come in handy if you belong to the group of people who will not want to use pesticides or any type of spray altogether.  Cockroaches have no difficulty in holding their breath for up to 40 minutes. All these facts establish the hardcore nature of the roaches and eliminate the chance that you can easily wash them away by ordinarily flushing in a toilet…

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