Social Selling – How to Leverage Social Media to Close More Sales

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay Have you ever heard of social selling? Do you use social media as a marketing channel for your brand? Are you interested in taking marketing to the next level?  If you are looking for the answers to these questions then we have it here for you. Social media networks are mainly popular for their huge user base that actively access, explore, share, and browse content along with brands using them as advertising and engagement touchpoints.  But the social media platforms and technology have been constantly evolving for better with enhanced updates and innovation. One such update is the introduction of social selling as social media has a great influence on the behavior and decisions of the users. What is social selling?  Social selling is the strategy of using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. by marketers and brands to attract, engage, and convert consumers into customers.  Many brands use social selling to nurture their leads, form meaningful brand-user relations, encourage engagement, enable social shoppable content, etc.  Social media marketing can be understood as the basics of social selling where you can take it further by selling your brand’s products with social selling.  Importance of social…

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Capitalizing on Live Streaming to Increase Your Visibility and Engagement

Image by Andrés Rodríguez from Pixabay Video content marketing or live streaming has gradually become one of the most preferred marketing methods. And why it shouldn’t be?  It is more effective, engaging and shareable! According to a research report, 92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy and 95 percent of marketers are planning to maintain or increase the video budget in 2020.  Online live video streaming has become increasingly popular in the last few years for marketing purposes and delivering live events into smartphone screens. The live streaming industry is expected to gain a valuation of around $70 billion by 2021.  An efficient live streaming strategy can boost marketing initiatives to a large extent while opening new business avenues and boosting the revenue of your business. Here are a few points that you can include in your live streaming strategy to boost visibility and engagement. 1. Chalk out a schedule It is essential to chalk out a well thought out schedule that is designed to gain greater visibility and maximize engagement. For instance, you can start your live video campaign with a topic that is the trending news of your industry. …

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Rebranding For a Better Marketing 2019

Rebranding can be a very good cause, especially when its aim is to tone up some grey areas in the business. Especially as brands can go off-message, or find their message no longer resonates with their target audiences.


Why You Need Incorporating Influencer Marketing as an Entrepreneur

The bedrock of any business is marketing and as an entrepreneur, you need to do everything possible to stay afloat in the overly competitive global market. Right from the planning stages, you should have done enough research to hit the ground running. You also should have found out that customers are not just waiting for you with open arms.