Exploiting Telemedicine’s Full Potentials in Battling COVID-19 Pandemic

Image by Alexey Hulsov from Pixabay  Hospitals, medical and health centers ideally should be the places the sick and ill alike visit for succor and treatment but with the ravaging COVID-19, shouldn’t we start considering telemedicine? The World Health Organization (WHO), governments, medical practitioners, and health workers around the globe have all been calling for remote working and far-reaching social distancing among other measures as a way of trying to contain COVID-19 surge. A visit to a hospital clearly depicts the reason why you should totally avoid it now unless it’s absolutely impossible to do otherwise. Usually, our hospitals are filled up with patients and caregivers who are not medical practitioners but have simply come to help them in revitalizing the patients, all these people are usually in proximity with the patients, where bacteria and viruses can easily be transmitted.  Since it has become imperative that a visit to the hospital these days can be a sure way of contracting COVID-19, the most obvious measure to turn to urgently is telemedicine. Telemedicine which is also known as telehealth or e-medicine is all about digitally and remotely delivering healthcare services, which include examinations and consultations by the use of telecommunications infrastructure.  With telemedicine, patients…

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