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Why Video Conferencing Will Disrupt The Marketing Landscape in 2021

Image by Jagrit Parajuli from Pixabay  Resilient marketing is the strategy; technology is the means; video conferencing is the way. Brands are finally evolving ways to emotionally resonate with audiences during these difficult times.  If you have not done so yet, there is the need to restrategize and make it clear that your brand is strong, understands the pain points of your customers especially during the pandemic, and is prepared to resolve their problems. One way brands have been interacting with their customers before the outbreak of coronavirus is through audio conferencing, but they are dropping that now for video conferencing.  This is to enable them to consolidate overlapping features and seek integrated communications. The resilient nature of marketing teams was what kept a lot of brands going during the pandemic.  They are increasingly building a marketing around collaboration tools, such as meeting applications that integrate voice; video conferencing, a platform for meeting, and screen sharing. This shouldn’t be a surprise since according to Nemertes’ recent “Visual Communications and Collaboration 2020-21 Research Study” of 528 organizations, more than 91% of organizations are using such apps now, and more than 61% adopted a new meeting app specifically to support working from home,  Though the…

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How You Can Best Help The Workforce in The Coronavirus Crisis

Photo Credit: U.S. Pacific Fleet Flickr via Compfight cc IT leaders are known to always be on the hot seat, working under pressure, but the coronavirus pandemic has taken it to another dimension altogether. Being in charge of technology for your organization has always not been easy as you don’t know when a serious crisis is brewing but what we have currently is that everybody was hit at the same time with little or no room for preparedness.  Everybody is right now trying to work remotely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. There is no doubt that the transition in working habits that are bordered on technology and culture must have to be going through a lot of stress and you need to put in place a huge amount of effective change management in these very tough circumstances.  How are you going to handle the fact that people must work from environments not conducive to work? There must be constraints in the workspace, some people may need to work from home where there are kids especially now that schools are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  You must have been having difficulties focusing on the mental well-being of your…

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