IoT: 2020 is The Year of Radical Change For Workers

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay Who would have believed the possibility? Who thought it would come to pass? Who foresaw the impact IoT is having on our day to day activities? Today, the impossible is happening. You can now talk to your phone just the same way you talk to your friends. You can give instructions and have meaningful discussions with your refrigerator.  Your watch was more of an ornamental you used to tell time but not anymore. IoT and advancement in technology have radically changed that fact, you can now use it to track your heart condition, know where to go, send emails and texts, and carry on discussions with your friends.  Our personal devices are playing very effective roles in our daily activities, thanks to the amazing transformation brought about by IoT. Some few years back, this would have sounded unbelievable and pure magic, but it’s the reality today.  So, why won’t you capitalize on this in 2020? IoT is set to bring a massive turn around in how we work and you can’t afford to be left behind.  Here are a few ways IoT will affect your work in the year to come and beyond:  No…

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